How to Speed up Windows XP boot time through system

How to speed up Windows boot time.. Mar 27, 2012 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows XP Slow Boot :: Optimizeyourpc Homepage > Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows XP Slow Boot. Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows XP Slow Boot. 11/01/2010 10:07 A Windows XP slow boot will irritate even the most patient PC user. If you’ve ever had to deal with a Windows XP slow boot, you know just how much it can interfere with your computer’s basic functionality. Download Free Quick Startup - Speed up Windows Boot, Solve

If you want to speed up Windows XP boot time with simple steps then you need to watch this video. To speed up Windows XP boot time: Type msconfig in Run textbox and click OK. You can see run textbox if you click Start menu and select Run. System Configuration Utility appears. Uncheck all programs in Startup tab that you don't want to load during boot then click Apply button.

Speed Up Windows XP Boot and Shutdown Times Mar 18, 2007

You can also optimize Windows XP boot speed by disabling unnecessary services from loading at startup time. You can speed up start up procedure of your Windows XP by changing the BIOS with the help of setup utility. When you start your computer, it goes through the steps of startup procedures in its BIOS before starting Windows.

A quick fix to speed up the time windows boots and runs. Will take less then 10 seconds to do.