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Network security is a broad term that covers a multitude of technologies, devices and processes. In its simplest term, it is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data using both software and hardware technologies. Network Access Protection ( NAP) is a Microsoft technology for controlling network access of a computer, based on its health. With NAP, system administrators of an organization can define policies for system health requirements. microsoft network security free download - Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Security Essentials (64-bit), Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, and many more programs Jul 09, 2020 · Lightning-fast, highly-rated home cyber security. Discover how our award-winning products protect against the latest web threats and provide home ransomware protection.

Network security is the process of using physical and software security solutions to protect the underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction or improper disclosure, creating a secure platform for computers, users and programs to perform their functions in a secure environment.

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Firewall is network security software, programmed to prevent illegal access that travels in and out of a private network. It helps to manage the incoming and outgoing traffic of network that is based on a specific set of protocol.

Software-defined protection (SDP) is a computer network security architecture and methodology that combines network security devices and defensive protections which leverage both internal and external intelligence sources. An SDP infrastructure is designed to be modular, scalable, and secure.