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Karen Presley JD, LLM, CLP - Deputy Director, NSA Karen Presley JD, LLM, CLP Deputy Director, Technology Transfer Program at National Security Agency (NSA) Hyattsville, Maryland 500+ connections NSA Launches Program to Help Staff Massive Spy Center | WIRED The NSA wasn't immediately available for comment, but the guy who first proposed the data center program back in June 2011, NSA director for Installations and Logistics, Harvey Davis, told the Russian agents have been hacking major email program for

NSA Phone-Records Program Fizzles Out; World Keeps Turning

The NSA Continues to Violate Americans' Internet Privacy Aug 22, 2018 NSA surveillance program facing grim prospects - POLITICO Jan 27, 2020

NSA's tracking program FAR more extensive than thought

Obama defends secret NSA spy program: Trust us! - CNET But the discussion soon turned to the NSA spy program. "In the abstract, you can complain about Big Brother and how this is a potential program run amok," Obama said, without discussing details. Disputed N.S.A. Phone Program Is Shut Down, Aide Says Mar 04, 2019 House Votes to Ban NSA Bulk Collection Program