Game Show: Four people supposedly answer questions asked by the mustached host. A man appears to get it wrong while a woman gets it correct. Nature: Various pictures of nature are shown, including a forest with deer and a tree-covered mountain. "Late-Night Crime Show": Shows images of a building being blown up and woman who appears to be

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008 TV series) | Spider-Man The Spectacular Spider-Man is an animated television series that was created by Stan lee and Steve Ditko.. The show premiered on March 8, 2008. It takes place in Earth-26496. Dale Horvath (TV Series) | Walking Dead Wiki | Fandom Dale Horvath is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. During the initial outbreak, he saved Andrea and Amy, eventually finding a camp of survivors. Dale's age, calm experience, and RV provide the nucleus around which the small community of survivors formed. He is shown to be honest, reasonable and protective. He is sometimes profound, and is the elder of The Man from Tallahassee | Lostpedia | Fandom

Benson Dunwoody is one of the main characters in Regular Show. He is a gumball machine, also known as The Park's manager. As a manager, he is the boss of every park worker (with the possible exception of Pops). He has a short temper and has a tendency of yelling at Mordecai and Rigby every time they slack off. Benson made his debut in J.G. Quintel's animated short "2 in the AM PM", where one

The Drew Carey Show is an American sitcom television series that aired on ABC from September 13, 1995 to September 8, 2004. It was set in Cleveland, Ohio and revolved around the retail office and home life of "everyman" Drew Carey, a fictionalized version of the actor.. The show was created by Carey, who had both stand-up comedy and writing experience, and Bruce Helford, who was once a writer

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The Leftovers (TV series) - Wikipedia The Leftovers is an American supernatural mystery drama television series created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, that aired on HBO from June 29, 2014, to June 4, 2017. Based on Perrotta's 2011 novel of the same name, the series begins three years after the "Sudden Departure", a global event that resulted in 2% of the world's population disappearing. The lives of police chief Kevin Garvey