for SSH server it will be in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and for the SSH client it will be in /etc/ssh/ssh_config. You want to look for the Cipher line in each, and for example have just Cipher aes256-ctr specified. Then restart SSH via /etc/init.d/sshd restart or via the equivalent systemd command. – ron Dec 5 '18 at 18:58

TLS (Transport Layer Security) Protocol - TLS (Transport Layer Security) Protocol. Coming soon! This page is under construction. In the meantime, head back to the Secure Shell start page or read more about SSH.COM and our enterprise software. SSL, SSH and IPSec • Comparison with SSL, TLS, SSH: – These are at higher level of OSI stack – Applications must be altered to incorporate these • IPsec provides application-transparent Security – Network services that use IP (e.g. telnet, FTP) or user application that Does using TLS, SSH and SSL in a connection makes it more Both TLS and SSH use DHE or ECDHE to securely exchange a secret key, they both support strong ciphers like AES to encrypt your data with said secret key, and they both use strong techniques such as HMAC to protect the integrity of the data. They only differ in what they are optimized for. For example SSH has features that reduce latency for encryption - SSH: How to disable weak ciphers? - Unix

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols emerged from the older Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that originated in the Netscape browser and server software. there is technical justification for leaving 3DES in TLS, but removing it from SSH—there is a greater financial cost when browsers and customers cannot reach you than when your

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Post-Quantum TLS 1.3 and SSH Performance (preliminary

The SSL/TLS Handshake: an Overview -